Announcing the Helix Critical Squad

Check out this new project that I’m working on with Dan Fishback and a crew of emerging writers.

The Helix Critical Squad

Co-founded and co-edited by T.L. Cowan and Dan Fishback, the Helix Critical Squad emerged from discussions at the Helix Long Table and other recent conversations about the need for better critical dialogue about contemporary queer performance. The Helix Critical Squad project aims to cultivate critical discourse by mentoring emerging writers and artists through the review process. As editors, we encourage reviewers to practice what Feminist Spectator, Jill Dolan, calls “critical generosity“: to approach performances with rigor and imagination and to consider a spectrum of possible criteria, both aesthetic and political. As Dolan reminds us, “[f]rom this perspective, critical engagement becomes a strategy for dialogue, not just between the critic and the artist but also hopefully among a community of spectators and writers and arts makers who see themselves as part of a larger project of world making in which every production, every piece of art, matters.”