Artist Profile

T.L. Cowan is a writer, performer, video-maker, curator and professor based in Brooklyn, NY. Her ongoing performance and video cycles include The Twisted She Project—an intermedial collaborative collage about perversion, popularity and pathology; the GLITTERfesto: An Open Call For A Revolutionary Movement Of Activist Performance Based On The Premise That Social Justice is Fabulous; and Forgiving Medjugorje—a meditation on sex, religion, reconciliation and money. Her 2013 video and performance “I Disown You Right Back,” starring her alter-ego, Mrs. Trixie Cane, has thrilled audiences internationally. T.L. also appears on stages, screens and the streets as  Aging Supermodel Experimental Poet and Revolutionary, Tammy Pamalovovich. Since getting her start in Vancouver’s raging spoken word scene in the 1990s, T.L.’s work has been featured at MIX NYC , the Opentoe Peepshow, Belladonna*, Sister Spit’s Spoken Word Circus, Montreal’s Edgy Women Festival, Edmonton’s Visualeyez Festival of Performance & Time-Based Art, Loud & Queer, Next Fest, Performance Studies International, Toronto’s Festival of Original Theatre, and the Glastonbury Festival of Music & Contemporary Art.

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Alter-Ego Performances – Introducing . . .

Mrs. Trixie Cane

Mrs.  Trixie Cane is a professional spokeslady, who speaks on behalf of organizations such as Citizens for the Recognition of Inspirational People (C.R.I.P.) and Citizens for the Reduction of Alberta’s Class Sizes (C.R.A.C.S), promoting necessary social transformation. Trixie can be seen in G.I.M.P. Bootcamp (2008), Bill 44: Smaller Classes, Smaller Minds (2009) & I Disown You Right Back (2013).

Tammy Pamalovovich

Tammy Pamalovovich is an aging supermodel who, while unemployed, lived with her mother Rural Canada. Tammy is currently pursuing a new career as an Aging Supermodel Lesbian Feminist Experimental Poet Revolutionary. She finds that her new career allow her to use her experience wearing one-piece garments in the development of a sign-system based revolution.

GLITTERfesto: An Open Call in Trinity Formation for A Revolutionary Movement of Activist Performance Based on the Premise that Social Justice is Fabulous. Video available on Vimeo here.

  • – Live Collaborative Performance with Sabina Ibarrola and Drae Campbell, Nov. 2011.
  • – MIX NYC. Queer Experimental Film Festival. Nov 17, 2013. (Screening)
  • – Craftivism. New York City. July 2013 (Screening)


“Alternate Careers for the Aging Supermodel” – first performed at Life is a Cabaret, Edmonton, May 2009.

From cooking show host to personal trainer to alternative menstrual product sales woman, Tammy steers herself in many directions, all for the love of the bodysuit.

“Wrongly Accused: You’re So Vain, I’m So Paranoid” an Interactive Fashion Show – First performed at the Closing Salon of the Visualeyez Festival, Edmonton, July 2008

Tammy brings her aging supermodel wisdom to bear on the performance art crowd and their fashion crimes.

Forgiving Međugorje: The Reconciliation Cycle

This latest project, which is in its early stages, is another quasi-pseudo-autobiographical series of loosely-based stories and poems, which are woven together with material culled from websites and archival material associated with Our Lady of Međugorje. The foundation for Forgiving Međugorje comes from my experiences as a child being raised according to the directions given to the children of Međugorje from the Virgin Mary, who has been appearing there since 1981. More broadly, however, this cycle obsesses about reconciliation in its many forms, and is primarily developed through an on-going and cultivated preoccupation with forgiveness, faith, religion, money, mobility and sex. I will be working on a series of videos for this project as part of Dayna McLeod’s 52 Video Pick-Up challenge, starting in the fall of 2011: and continue on a new series beginning March 2013:

The Twisted She Project: A Collaborative Performance Collage

The Twisted She Project is a sixty-minute intermedia performance collage that plays with themes of perversion, popularity, and pathology. Performed as a full cycle or cabaret-style as individual pieces, these poems and stories are sweet, heartbreaking, cerebral and slutty. Although the written components of The Twisted She Project are predominantly based on autobiographical material, this performance does not indulge in self therapy or even present the story of a single life. Instead, by working through a range of literary and performance forms, and by integrating the creations of five collaborating artists—including nine original sound compositions and five stop-motion animation and still-image videos—this performance twists the idea of autobiography itself. Through the telling of ugly truths and beautiful lies, The Twisted She Project explores the many permutations of contemporary queer, class-transitioning femininity.

Videos from Twisted She Project were featured in matrix magazine’s “New Feminisms” online supplement (March 2010) and the poems and stories have been published in numerous journals.

Collaborating artists:

Mickey Vallee – Accordion & Electronic Compositions
Jan Olesen – Bass
Elaine Wannechko – Still Image Videos
Kelley Bolen – Stop Motion Animation
Kristen Hutchinson – Devisor

The Twisted She Project was launched at the 2009 Visualeyez Festival in Edmonton and was made possible with the assistance of The Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Thanks to Lori Weidenhammer, for her review of the premiere of The Twisted She Project.