Interview with Sam Feder

I chat with Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger director, Sam Feder (June 17, 2014):

T.L. Cowan in Conversation with Sam Feder

On April 30, 2014 The Feminist Collective at The New School invited Sam Feder to present their new film, Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger, and invited me to be in conversation with Sam about this new film. We had a very generative improvised conversation, but forgot to record it. What follows is a dramatic reenactment of that conversation. [Go here for more…]

Announcing the Helix Critical Squad

Check out this new project that I’m working on with Dan Fishback and a crew of emerging writers.

The Helix Critical Squad

Co-founded and co-edited by T.L. Cowan and Dan Fishback, the Helix Critical Squad emerged from discussions at the Helix Long Table and other recent conversations about the need for better critical dialogue about contemporary queer performance. The Helix Critical Squad project aims to cultivate critical discourse by mentoring emerging writers and artists through the review process. As editors, we encourage reviewers to practice what Feminist Spectator, Jill Dolan, calls “critical generosity“: to approach performances with rigor and imagination and to consider a spectrum of possible criteria, both aesthetic and political. As Dolan reminds us, “[f]rom this perspective, critical engagement becomes a strategy for dialogue, not just between the critic and the artist but also hopefully among a community of spectators and writers and arts makers who see themselves as part of a larger project of world making in which every production, every piece of art, matters.”

Cabaret Long Table

cabaret long table image

Cabaret as Translocal Praxis: A Long Table Discussion

Convened by T.L. Cowan


Call for Praxis

Cabaret—broadly, the satirical variety show—is arguably the most resilient form of grassroots feminist, trans* and queer live performance around: in every city across Canada (and well beyond) cabaret pops up in bars, cafés, sex toy stores, theatres, university and high school cafeterias and community centres. Yet, while cabaret is an intensely translocal phenomenon (traversing locales in a way that does not privilege national borders and doing similar work whether in Mexico City, New York City, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, or Halifax) there is fairly little circulation of cabaret artists from place to place. Which is to say that cabaret itself is a border-crosser—or perhaps a border-dweller—an embodied social practice that lives in and between many places at once. Read the rest of this entry »

Dirty Plötz – The Reviled & The Revered

May 27, 2014 – Save the date!

DYKE CHECK! Queer Takes on the Revolution

Queer Takes on The Revolution
60 mins

$-this is a pass-the-hat situation

brainstormed by: t.l. cowan, jasmine rault, susana cook, ted kerr

featuring: excellent talent

Dyke Check! Because social justice is fabulous. Change is queer. And we’ve been making activism sexy for years and years.

Join us for DYKE CHECK! a quasi-monthly series of queer-minded curated short performances, readings, glitterings, cruisings and conversations that celebrate our revolutionary heritage, exploit our knack for destablization and showcase our role in the revolution.

The future is queer. The future is now. Welcome.

For more information, contact Tedd Kerr at kerr.theodore[at] or T.L. Cowan tl[at] or find us on Facebook:

2011 Canadian Association of Cultural Studies Call for Papers


(CACS CFP 2011 )

Canadian Association of Cultural Studies (CACS)/

L’Association canadienne des études culturelles (ACÉC)

Biennial conference

McGill University, Montreal

Nov. 4-6, 2011

(Version française à suivre)

Deadline for abstracts: May 31, 2011

The 2011 CACS conference will be held at McGill University, Nov. 4-6, 2011, where CACS is jointly based in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies and Media@McGill.

CACS invites proposals for individual papers or preconstituted panels for the 2011 conference.  The conference will operate with four separate “streams”, or groups of sessions that run concurrently; applicants should direct their paper or panel proposals to one of the following streams:

Culture, Power and Everyday Life

Cultural and Aesthetic Praxis

The Future of Cultural History

Feminist and Queer Cultural Studies Read the rest of this entry »