1. Professional Credentials

1.1 Degree & Graduate Studies

2009 Ph.D., Department of English and Film Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.
Thesis Title: Vox Populi: The Genealogies, Cultures, and Politics of Spoken Word Performance in Canada
2003 M.A., Department of English & Film Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.
Thesis Title: Shared Skin: H.D.’s Palimpsestic Autobiographical Fiction.
2002 B.A., English Literature & Women’s Studies, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

1.2 Academic Positions

2015-2016 Bicentennial Lecturer of Canadian Studies at the MacMillan Center for  International   & Area Studies, Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies and Digital Humanities Fellow.
Yale University, New Haven, CT.
2014- FemTechNet Chair of Experimental Pedagogies, School of Media Studies
The New School, New York City, NY
2011- Lecturer, Culture & Media, Eugene Lang College
The New School, New York City, NY
2010 -2012 Assistant Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies Program and Department of English
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK Canada (on leave 2011-12)

1.3 Research & Publication Grants

2011-2013 SSHRC Insight Development Grant (Principal Investigator)
“Feeling Speculative in Digital Space”
2011-2012 SSHRC Standard Research Grant (Principal Investigator)
“Sliding Scale: Transnational Feminist and Queer Cabaret Cultures”
2010-2011 University of Saskatchewan President’s SSHRC Fund –“Sliding Scale: Feminist
& Queer Cabaret Cultures”
2010 University of Saskatchewan Publication Fund – Poetry’s Bastard: The Illegitimate
Genealogies, Cultures and Politics of Spoken Word Performance in Canada

1.4 Fellowships & Scholarships

2012-2014 Hemispheric Institute Fellow. Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in the Americas
New York University
2011-2012 Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, New York University
2009-2010 Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of English, University of Calgary
2009-2010 Visiting Research Fellow, Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary
2009 SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Calgary (Declined)
2006-2008 Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship (Doctoral), University of Alberta
2003-2007 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, University of Alberta
2003-2007 Walter H. Johns Graduate Fellowship, University of Alberta
2007 Sarah Nettie Christie Travel Bursary, University of Alberta (Also received in 2002 & 2004)
2004 Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award, University of Alberta
2003-2005 University of Alberta Ph.D. Scholarship (Honorary)
2002-2003 University of Alberta Master’s Scholarship

1.5 Academic Awards

2009 Governor General’s Gold Medal, University of Alberta
Recognizes the doctoral graduate in all disciplines who achieves the highest academic standing.
2006 Dorothy J Killam Memorial Graduate Prize (Social Sciences, Arts & Fine Arts),
University of Alberta
Awarded to “the most outstanding Killam Memorial Scholarship recipients in each of the four discipline-specific subcommittees in the annual scholarship competition. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, a research proposal, letters of recommendation, and leadership qualities.”
2006 Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize, University of Alberta
Awarded for research accomplishment. Twenty-five awards are granted annually.
2004 Katharine Kyes Leab and Daniel J. Leab American Book Prizes – Current Exhibition Catalogue
Award (American Library Association) – Category 2 Winner for First Impressions: The Fledgling Years of the Black Sparrow Press 1966-1970 (Professor Michael O’Driscoll, et al.),
2002 Robert C. Brown Award, Simon Fraser University

2. Research History

2.1 Articles & Book Chapters

“Transfeminist kill/joys: Rage, Love, Reparative Performance.” Transgender Studies Quarterly. 1.4 (Fall 2014). .(Proofs).

“The Labour of Being Studied in a Free Love Economy.” With Jasmine Rault. ephemera. 4.3 (Summer 2014): 473-490. http://www.ephemerajournal.org/contribution/labour-being-studied-free-love-economy

“Speculative Praxis Towards a Queer Feminist Anti-Archive: A Collaborative Research-Creation Project.” With Jasmine Rault & Dayna McLeod. Ada: a Journal of Gender, New Media & Technology. 5 (2014). doi:10.7264/N3PZ573Z

“Trading Credit for Debt: Queer History-Making and Debt Culture.” With Jasmine Rault. WSQ:Women’s Studies Quarterly. Eds Meena Alexander and Rosalind Petchesky. 42.1-2 (Spring/Summer 2014): 294-312.  Cowan & Rault_WSQ 2014

“‘I remember . . . I was wearing leather pants’: Archiving the Repertoire of Feminist and Queer Cabaret in Canada.” Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace: Explorations in Canadian Women’s Archives.” Eds. Linda Morra & Jessica Schagerl. Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2012. 65-86. Available at: http://www.academia.edu/45559/i_remember_…_i_was_wearing_leather_pants_Archiving_the_Repertoire_of_Feminist_Cabaret_Performance_in_Canada

“Dayna McLeod’s Post-Nationalist Beaver and the Cabaret Phenomenology of Putting Out.Feminist Mediations. Eds. T.L. Cowan, Kate Eichhorn & Jasmine Rault. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. 25 (Spring 2011): 230-239. [R]

“Introduction: Feminist Mediations” (with Jasmine Rault). Feminist Mediations. Eds. T.L. Cowan, Kate Eichhorn & Jasmine Rault. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. 25 (Spring 2011): 177-182. Available at: http://www.academia.edu/4563219/Introduction_Feminist_Mediations

“‘a one-shot deal’: Contemporary Cabaret as Improvised Curation.” Canadian Theatre Review. (CTR) 143 (Summer 2010): 47-54.  Available at: http://www.academia.edu/4555823/a_one-shot_affair_Cabaret_as_Improvised_Curation

“Genealogies of Sex and Landscape in Robert Kroetsch and Shane Rhodes.” The Body and the Book: Writings on Poetry and Sexuality. (DQR Studies in Literature 42). Eds. Glennis Byron and Andrew Sneddon. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, 2008. 113-134.

“Editorial: An Emerging Discourse.” Spoken Word Performance: Canadian Theatre Review (CTR). Eds. T.L. Cowan with Ric Knowles. 130 (Spring 2007): 7-9.

Punk Rock Clit Lit: Reading Toward a Punk Poetics in Bent on Writing: Contemporary Queer Tales. Canadian Poetry. Ed. Andrew Lesk. 57 (Fall/Winter 2005):103-121.

“‘my body pinned down’”: Gender Construction, Disruptive Form, and the Language of Sexual Violence in Elly Danica’s Don’t: A Woman’s Word and Beckylane’s Where the Rivers Join. Tessera. 37-38   (2005): 69-78.

“Subverting Normal: The Anti-Fairy Tale in Linda Holeman’s ‘Toxic Love’ and Wendy A. Lewis’s Graveyard  Girl.” Canadian Children’s Literature. 108 (Winter 2002): 27-39. Guest Editor: Joanne Findon.

2.2 Under Review & Revision

“Feminist Cabaret and the Politics of Scene-Making.” Caught in the Act II: An Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women Vol 2. Eds. Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars. Toronto: Yyz Books. Expected Spring 2015.

“A Hybrid Present Embodified: Translocal Cabaret Methodologies (Montreal, Mexico City, New York City).” Queer Instruments & Futures. Eds. Alyson Campbell & Stephen Farrier. Palgrave MacMillan Abstract accepted. Publication expected Spring 2015.

2.3 Work in Progress

Poetry’s Bastard: The Illegitimate Genealogies, Cultures and Politics of Spoken Performance in Canada. Under contract with Wilfrid Laurier UP.

Sliding Scale: The Cultural Economies of Trans- Feminist and Queer Cabaret – Montreal, Mexico City & New York City. Book-length manuscript in progress. Research Support: SSHRC Standard Research Grant & University of Saskatchewan, President’s SSHRC Grant.

Feeling Speculative in Digital Space: Building a Feminist and Queer Cabaret Commons. Collaborators: Jasmine Rault, (McMaster U), Dayna McLeod (Concordia University), Susan Brown (University of Alberta). Pilot Multimedia Project for the Canadian Writers’ Research Collaboratory (CWRC). Infrastructure support: Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Research Support: SSHRC Insight Development Grant. http://www.cwrc.ca/projects/the-caberet-commons/

“New Modern/Colonial Montage: Wangechi Mutu’s A Fantastic Journey, Wayde Compton’s Performance Bond and Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s Americanah.” Article in Progress.

“‘We All Belong Here’: Queer Hospitality 2.0.” With Jasmine Rault. Article in Progress.

“Cabaret Consciousness: Proliferating Dialectics in Contemporary Feminist and Queer Variety Performance.”  Article in progress.

“Playing The Long Moment: HIV/AIDS and Sex Worker Cultures in the Ephemeral Tableau That Never Forgets – 2boys.tv’s Tightrope, Operation Snatch’s Les Demimondes, and Untitled by Jim Hodges, Encke King, and Carlos Marques da Cruz.”  Article in Progress.




2.4 Edited Journals

Feminist Mediations. Co-Editor with Kate Eichhorn & Jasmine Rault. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural  Studies. 25 (Spring 2011).

Spoken Word Performance. Co-Editor with Ric Knowles. Canadian Theatre Review. 130 (Spring 2007).






2.5 Scholarly Reviews & Short Publications

“Feminist Pedagogy Initiatives of the Distributed Open Collaborative Course.” FemTechNet Blog. Nov. 9, 2013. http://femtechnet.newschool.edu/blog/feminist-pedagogy-initiatives/

“Reading Through Difference.” Review of Cherríe Moraga’s A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings 2000-2010. Women & Performance. Nov. 8 2013. http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/CC7rD3anqeY7WmaP8bY9/full

“Seeing & Being Seen at Meow Mix Cabaret.” Catalogue essay. Meow Mix Retrospective. Jan 10-Feb 2, 2013. RATS 9 Gallery. Montreal, Quebec. (Jan 2013). Cowan_Seeing & Being Seen at Meow Mix

“Follow-up notes on the GLITTERfesto: TL Cowan in conversation with Tammy Pamalovovich, Aging Supermodel Lesbian Feminist Experimental Poet and Revolutionary.” Belladonna. “Transfeminism and Literature Vol. II.” 147 (2012): 5-12.

“GLITTERfesto: An Open Call in Trinity Formation For A Revolutionary Movement Of Activist Performance Based On The Premise That Social Justice is Fabulous.” Canadian Theatre Review (CTR). Ed. Natalie Alvarez. 150 (Spring 2012): 11-17. http://www.academia.edu/4555824/GLITTERfesto_An_Open_Call_in_Trinity_Formation_for_a_Revolutionary_Movement_of_Activist_Performance_Based_on_the_Premise_That_Social_Justice_is_Fabulous

“cabaret at grunt: up your community.” Activating the Archives. Grunt Gallery, Vancouver. Spring 2012. http://performance.gruntarchives.org/essay-cabaret-at-grunt.html

“Queer Women’s Performance Symposium.” (Contributor) Canadian Theatre Review (CTR). Ed. Moynan King. 149 (Winter 2012): 64-72.

“Lesbian and Gay Plays for Posterity.” Review of Perfectly Abnormal: Seven Gay Plays (Ed. Sky Gilbert) and Lesbian Plays: Coming of Age in Canada (Ed. Rosalind Kerr). Canadian Literature. (Winter 2012)  http://canlit.ca/reviews/lesbian_and_gay_plays_for_posterity

“Harmonious Cacophony: 2boys.tv’s Tightrope.Canadian Review of Literature in Performance. 3 (Fall 2011). http://www.litlive.ca/story/364

“Making it Better: Dayna McLeod’s Celluloid Fantasies, Feminist Queer Revisionary.” No More Potlucks. (Summer 2011). http://nomorepotlucks.org/editorial/motive-no-16

“The Queer Element, The Poison Cookie: Literature in Performance on the Cabaret Stage. Canadian Review of Literature in Performance (CRLIP) 1.1 (2010). http://www.litlive.ca/story/230

“Why do I have to dance like that? ACCUTE and the Performance of Optimism.” English Studies                                             in Canada (ESC). 34.4 (Spring 2010). Readers’ Forum. Ed. Heather Murray. 18-20.

Review of Playing With Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice. Ed. Cathy Lane. Theatre Journal. (Fall 2010): 492-493.

Review of Body of Text by Michael V. Smith and David Ellingson. Matrix Magazine. 84 (November 2009): 60-61

Review of Precordial Thump by Zoe Whittall. Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal. 34.1 (2009).

“revolushun in the t.dot.” Review of rivers… and other blackness… between us by d’bi.young.anitafrika and 40 dayz by Motion. Canadian Literature. 202 (Autumn 2009): 105-106.

“Literary Disestablishmentarianism.” English Studies in Canada. Readers’ Forum: “Why Do I Have to                  Write Like That?” Ed. Stephen Slemon. 32.2-3 (June/September 2006): 9-13.

2.6 Invited Lectures

“Cabaret of Confusion: Political Performance and the Work of Variety, or is that Incoherence?” Research Presentation. Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) New York University. Moderator/Curator: Prof. Ann Pellegrini. Feb 8, 2012.

“The Dialectical Aesthetics of Feminist and Queer Cabaret.” Regarding Queer Affect series. Women’s and Gender Studies Institute.  University of Toronto. Moderator/Curator: Prof. Dina Georgis. November 1, 2011.

Queer Women’s Performance Symposium. Curator/Moderator: Moynan King. Feminist Art Gallery (FAG), Toronto, ON. July 1, 2011.

“‘I remember . . . I was wearing leather pants’: Event, Repertoire, Anecdote and the Research of Feminist and Queer Writing in Performance.”

Presented at:

•    The Department of English, University of Calgary & the Calgary Institute for the Humanities. Postdoctoral Fellow Lecture. March 30, 2010.

•     University of British Columbia, Okanagan. International Women’s Day Lecture. March 8, 2010.

•     McMaster University Women’s Studies Program Speaker’s Series. March 2, 2010.

2.7 Recent Conference Presentations


“Research and Practice on Feminist / Feminized Digital Labor.” Long Table Presentation at Digital Labor: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, and Barricades. 3rd Politics of Digital Culture Conference, The New School. New York City, NY. November 14-16, 2014.


“‘By that I mean, famous in our circles’: Political Feelings at the Trans-local Cabaret.” Modernist Studies Association. Duquesne University. Pittsburg, PA. November 6-9, 2014.


“Distributed Digital Pedagogies: Collaborating Across Difference.” Digital Pedagogies Conference. University of Toronto, Scarborough. August 11-15, 2014.




“Trans-genre, trans-locale: Cross-Border Cabaret Methods and the case of cabaret Montréalaise.” Research presentation as part of the Trans(and)Performance Working Group. Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in the Americas. Concordia University. Jun 22-29, 2014.




“The Labour of Being Studied 2.0 – Collaborative Research, Digital Archives & Queer Cultural Economies.” Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE). Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. Brock University, St. Catherine’s ON. May 24-27, 2014.

“I am Cabaret: Collaboration as Intimacy, Variety, Method & Improvised Form.” Women’s and Gender Studies et Récherches Féministes (WGSRF). Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. Brock University, St. Catherine’s ON. May 24-27, 2014.

“The Labors of Diversity.” Long Table Discussion. The New School. New York City, NY. May 20, 2014.




“Haven’t you ever heard of Tumblr? Killjoy Affects and Online Pedagogical Publics.” Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) 2014. Lima, Peru. April 24-27, 2014.


“Feminist Pedagogy in the Online Classroom.” Feminist Interventions: The FemTechNet DOCC 2013 Roundtable. CUNY IT Conference. John Jay College. New York City, NY. December 5-6.

“A Hybrid Present Embodified: ‘Social Disorganization’ as Cabaret Methodology.” Panel Title: Then, Now, Then: Doing Hybrid Temporalities in Contemporary? Feminist and Queer Performance (Mexico City, New York City, Montreal). Co-organized with Dayna McLeod & Jasmine Rault. Performance Studies International/PSi 19. Stanford University, San Francisco CA. June 26-30.

“The More Things Change: Dialectical Dreams of Im-Perfect Collective Identities in Contemporary Feminist and Queer Political Cabaret.” Work Group Presentation. Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Politics and Performance. São Paulo, Brazil. January 12-19.



“From Le Chat Noir to Meow Mix: Considering a Translocal Cabaret Consciousness.” Crossroads in Cultural Studies. Sorbonne Nouvelle. Paris, July 2-6.

“Speculative Frames, Digital Feelings, Transnational Spaces: Keywords for Late Adopters/Conscientious Objectors” (with Jasmine Rault). Organized Panel: “Gender and Technology Conference. University of Virginia. April 27-29.


“Confusion & Disorientation.” Feminist Mediations Keywords Roundtable. Canadian Association of Cultural Studies (CACS). McGill University. Montreal QC, Nov 4-6.

“The Cabaret Commons: A Digital Archive and Anecdotal Encyclopedia for Feminist and Queer Artists and their Audiences” (with Jasmine Rault). We Demand: History/Sex/Activism in Canada. Simon Fraser University. Vancouver BC, August 26-28.

“The internet has long been a favorite tool for terrorists”: Facebook and the New Social Life of Old  Feminist and Queer Activism in Canada.” Cultural Studies Association (CSA) conference, Chicago, March 24-26.


“Digital Dyke/Video Vixen: Dayna McLeod’s Intermedial Performance Writing and the Problematics of Putting Out.” Canadian Women Writers’ Conference. Canadian Literature Centre. University of Alberta. Sept 30-Oct 3.

“Picking up at Take Back the Night: Feminist Cruising and Queer Affect in the Anti-Violence Movement.” Presented at:

  • Performance Studies International (PSi). York University, Toronto, ON. June 9-13.
  • Canadian Women’s Studies Association (CWSA). Concordia University, Montreal QC. May 29-31.


“Projecting Paradox: Dayna McLeod’s Intermedia Cabaret Performances.” Canadian Association for Theatre  Research (CATR/ARCT). Concordia University, Montreal, QC. May 28-June 1.

Canadian Women’s Writing Project Roundtable Discussion. Association of Canadian and Quebec Literatures (ALCQ/ACQL). Concordia University, Montreal, QC. May 28-June 1.

“Polymorphic Simulations and the Archival Practices of Everyday Interventionist Performance: Vancouver’s The Rice Girls & Edmonton’s Moustache Mafia.” The Archive and Everyday Life Conference. McMaster University, Hamilton, ON. May 6-8.

“User-Generated Integrated Herstories? Uploading Feminist Performance Archives – Wikiperformance.” Canadian Writing  Research Collaboratory (CWRC) Workshop. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. April 30-May 2.


“Teaching, Preaching & Performing Good Feminist Subjectivities: ‘fessing up to the cloning impulse in Women’s and Gender Studies.” Feminist Pedagogies Conference. CUNY, New York City, NY. November 9.

“Sliding Scale: Feminist Cabarets and the ‘Romance of Community.’” Canadian Association of Cultural Studies (CACS/ACÉC). Concordia University, Montreal, QC. October 23.

“‘You had to be there:’ Feminist Cabarets as Repertoire of Women’s Writing in Canada.” Joint Session of ACCUTE and Canadian Literature Centre. Carleton University, Ottawa, ON. May 24.

“From the Margins to Off the Page: Theories of the Avant-Garde & Spoken Word Performance in Canada.” Association of College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE). Carleton University, Ottawa, ON. May 23.

“Thank You for Nothing: Radical Accessibility, Explosive Literality, and the Politics of Intellectual Passing in Contemporary Poetry Culture.” Poetries of Numerousness Conference. Grant MacEwan College. Edmonton, AB. May 14-16.











3. Teaching

3.1 Recent Courses

The New School, Eugene Lang College & School of Media Studies (New School for Public Engagement) – 2011 – present

Assisted Living: Crip Theory & Cyborb Cultures. Eugene Lang College, Culture & Media

Critical Arts Writing in Practice. Eugene Lang College, Advising Tutorial

Dialectical Materials: Montage in Literary, Visual & Performance Cultures. Eugene Lang College. Integrated Arts Senior Seminar/Gender Studies

Designing Digital Knowledges: Production, Action, Labor. Eugene Lang College. Culture & Media/Gender Studies

Performativity & Powerlessness: Embodiments of Social Action from Below. Eugene Lang College. Culture and Media/Gender Studies

Creative Resistance & Everyday Life. Eugene Lang College First Year Advising Seminar

Discourse Analysis. MA in Media Studies.  The New School for Public Engagement. (Online)

Interdisciplinary Readings in Crip Theory, Film & Performance. Independent Study. MA in Media Studies.

Transgender Cultural Studies: Theory, Activism and Cultural Production. Eugene Lang College. Cultural and Media/Gender Studies

Small Genres: Shorts, Tweets, Skits and Zines. Eugene Lang College First Year Advising Seminar.

Feminist and Queer Cultural Texts: Interdisciplinary Readings and Performances. Eugene Lang College. Literary Studies/Gender Studies

University of Saskatchewan – 2010-11

Reading on the Edge: Feminist and Queer Cultural Texts. Women’s & Gender Studies & English

Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture. Women’s & Gender Studies

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies. Women’s & Gender Studies

University of Calgary – 2009-10

Identity Poetics/Poetic Identities: ‘Reading’ Spoken Word Performance. English

University of Alberta –  2006-2009

Feminist Culture/Popular Culture. Women’s & Gender Studies.

Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Foundations. Womens & Gender Studies.

Language, Literature and Culture. First Year Program & Department of English

4. Academic Service

4.1 Recent Academic Curatorial & Organizational Work


Programming Committee. MANIFEST! Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas. Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics/McGill University/Concordia University. Montréal QC. June 21-28.

“Cabaret as Translocal Praxis: A Long Table Discussion.” Praxis Session. Canadian Association of Theatre Research & Women’s and Gender Studies et Récherche Féministe. Brock University. St. Catharines ON. May 27. (Designed with Laura G. Gutiérrez.)

“Queer Survival Economies & Anti-Carceral Feminism.” Workshop & Performance Events. Eugene Lang College/Gender Studies. The New School. New York City. March 3-12.


“Making Bodies: Transgender & Indigenous Feminist Performance Praxis.” Video Dialogue with Heather Cassils and Skawennati. Release Date Oct. 21. (with Veronica Paredes) https://vimeo.com/channels/femtechnetdialogues

“Creating/Curating Queer.” Panel Discussion for Queer New York International Arts Festival. Eugene Lang College, The New School. Oct. 26. (with Zvonimir Dobrovic)

“Shine On! Making a Queer Living.” Performances, Lectures & Craftivism. Eugene Lang College, The New School. New York City. May 15. (with Jasmine Rault)


“Reality Doesn’t Exist” and “Diálogos entre Darwin y Dios” workshop and performance residency with Jesusa Rodríguez and Liliana Felipe. Co-organizer & curator with Miriam Ginestier, Studio 303 and Jasmine Rault, and the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics. Studio 303, Concordia University and the Sala Rossa. Montréal, QC. Oct 9-14.


Co-Curator & Organizer – (With Sheri-D Wilson) – Pyrotechnics & Polemics: A Wired Symposium on Spoken Word. University of Calgary. Calgary, AB. April 23-24. (In cooperation with the Department of English, the Calgary Institute for the Humanities, the University of Calgary Library, the Banff Centre, and the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival.)

5. Artist History

5.1 Artist & Project Grants

Canada Council for the Arts/Alberta Creative Development Initiative – 2009 – Individual Artist Project Grant for The Twisted She Project.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts – 2009 – Multidisciplinary Project Grant for The Twisted She Project.

Canada Council for the Arts – 2009 – Literary Readings and Festivals Grant (Writing & Publishing) for The Olive
Reading Series.

Canada Council for the Arts – 2008 – Literary Readings and Festivals Grant (Writing & Publishing) for the eVOCative festival (Saskatoon, 18-21 June 2008).

Saskatchewan Arts Board – 2008 – Project Grant for the eVOCative festival (Saskatoon, 18-21 June 2008).

Canada Council for the Arts – 2003 – Creation & Production Grant (Spoken Word) for Coastal Tongue: An Anthology of Women in Spoken Word in Vancouver (eds. Laurie Bricker & T.L. Cowan).

Canada Council for the Arts/Alberta Creative Development Initiative – 2009 – Individual Artist

5.2 Residencies

Spoken Word Performance Pilot Program & Residency. The Banff Centre, Banff, AB. April 2007.

5.3 Research Creation & Publication

Performance Lectures

“I Disown You Right Back: When Families Don’t ‘Evolve’ with Mrs. Trixie Cane.” Queer Christianities Conference. Performance Lecture. The New School. New York City. Moderator/curator: Mark Larrimore. May 4, 2013.

“Beware the Poison Cookie: Parents & Teachers Against the Valentine Avant-Garde (PTA VAG) with Mrs. Trixie Cane.” Cabaret of Failure. Curated by Reena Katz and Shana Agid. Parsons School of Design. New York City. Feb. 14, 2014.

“I am a Gay Cougar and I Have Come to Lead Your Movement: Strategies for a Successful Revolution by Aging Supermodel Tammy Pamalovovich.” Cougarlicious Cabaret. Curator: Dayna McLeod. Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC. 2012.

“Initiative of Canadian And Quebec Academics of Culture Supporting Artists of Culture (IC AQ AC SAC) with   Mrs. Trixie Cane.” With Jasmine Rault, Jenny Burman and Alanna Thain. Curator: Dayna McLeod. Cultural Studies THIS! Cabaret. Sala Rossa, Montreal QC. Nov 5, 2011.

“Bill 44: Smaller Classes, Smaller Minds.” Video. 4:35min. KingCrip Productions. With Alissa Overend, Melisa Brittain & Danielle Peers. July, 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRAI2eTTzQ0

“Wrongly Accused: You’re So Vain, I’m So Paranoid.” Interactive Performance Lecture & Fashion Show with Aging Supermodel Tammy Pamalovovich. Visualeyez Festival. Latitude 53° Gallery. Curator: Todd Janes. Edmonton AB. July 2008.

5.4 Select Performance Art & Video

GLITTERfesto: An Open Call in Trinity Formation for A Revolutionary Movement of Activist Performance Based on the Premise that Social Justice is Fabulous.

– MIX NYC. Queer Experimental Film Festival. Nov 17, 2013. (Screening)
-Craftivism. New York City. July 2013 (Screening)

“I Disown You Right Back with Mrs. Trixie Cane.”

– Performance Mix Festival, New York City. Curator: Karen Bernard (New Dance Alliance). April 8, 2013

– Dirty Plötz Cabaret. Rhubarb Festival. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, ON. Curator: Alex Tigchelaar. Feb. 21 2013.  (Screening)

“Maria’s Hair II.” Cachín Cachán Cachunga! Queer & Trans Cabaret. Glasgow, Scotland. Curator: Zorras. Feb.21 2013. (Screening)

“The Twisted She Project.” Trasnocheo Cabaret. Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics São Paulo, Brazil. Curator: Susana Cook. Jan 12-19 2013.

“Forgiving Medjugorje: Part I.” Open Toe Peepshow Salon Series #2. The Spectrum. Brooklyn, NY. Curators:    Damien Luxe and Heather Ács. Nov. 4, 2012.

52 Short Videos. 52 Pickup. Oct. 2011- Oct. 2012. Curator: Danya McLeod. http://www.52pickupvideos.com/HTML/Cowan_grid.html & http://www.52pickupvideos.com/HTML/Cowan_y2_grid.html

“Maria’s Bathing Suit I” and “Maria’s Bathing Suit II.” Dyke-opalypse. Dixon Place. New York City. Curator:  Elizabeth Whitney. July 10 2012. (Screening)

“Maria’s Hair I” and “Maria’s Hair II.” Haircake. Tennis Court Studio. Brooklyn NY. Curator: Coral Short. Feb. 18, 2012. (Screening)

“Manarchism Learns” & “GLITTERfesto.” DYKE CHECK! Queer Takes on the Revolution. Dixon Place, New York City. Dec 7, 2011.

“Salle d’essayage/Fitting Room.” Défi Edgy/Edgy Challenge. Edgy Women Festival. Curator: Miriam Ginestier. Produced by Studio 303. Mainline Theatre, Montreal QC.  March 20, 2010. & Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto. Performance Studies International Cabaret, June 13, 2010.

The Twisted She Project. The Alternator Gallery. Kelown BC. March 7, 2010.

The Twisted She Project: A Collaborative Performance Collage. Installation & Live Performance. Feature Artist, Visualeyez Festival of Performance and Time-Based Art. With kelleY boleN, Jan Olesen, Kristen Hutchinson, Elaine Wannechko & Mickey Vallee. Curated by Todd Janes. Latitude 53˚ Gallery, Edmonton AB. Sept 16-21, 2009.

“Alternate Careers for the Aging Supermodel with Aging Supermodel Tammy Pamalovovich.” Life is a Cabaret. Curator: Lise Wilson. Edmonton, May 2008.

“G.I.M.P. Bootcamp. Video. 7min. KingCrip Productions. Directed and Produced by Melisa Brittain & Danielle Peers. June 2008. https://vimeo.com/58160733

“We Are So Domestic.” Cereal-based collaboration with Lucas Crawford. Nextfest. The Artery. Edmonton        AB. June, 2008.

“‘How Much?’” Intervention on Light Rail Transit in Edmonton AB. Curatorial Collective: T.L. Cowan, Christopher Grignard, David Allen King & Brenda Finley. April 5, 2004.

“Storefront” by Victoria Stanton. Visualeyez Festival of Performance and Time-based Art. Whyte Ave. Edmonton, AB. May 27, 2003.

5.5 Select Curatorial/Production

Les Demimondes. Eugene Lang College. New York City. Spring 2014.

Dirty Plötz: The Reviled & the Revered, a Cabaret. May 27, 2014. St. Catharines, ON.

DYKE CHECK! Queer Takes on the Revolution. (With Ted Kerr, Susana Cook & Jasmine Rault) Dixon Place. New York City. December 2011 – (ongoing)

Thaw: a performance meltdown. Edmonton AB. (Co-curated/produced with Thea Bowering) February 2004-2009.

Fatale: a dangerous night of femme performance. Exposure: Edmonton’s Queer Arts & Culture Festival.           Latitude 53° Gallery. Co-sponsored by the Canadian Literature Centre at the University of Alberta and Latitude 53°. November 2007.

Purple City Salon. Edmonton AB, December 2006.

Wild Prose Country. The Black Dog. Edmonton, AB. (Co-curated with Thea Bowering) January 2006 & October 2007.

Coastal Tongue Cabaret. The Media Club. Vancouver BC. (Co-curated/produced with Laurie Bricker). May    2002, November 2003 & October 2004.

Sex, Lies, and Duct Tape. Wildrose, Seattle WA; The Sugar Bowl, Vancouver BC; Thursdays, Victoria BC. (Co-

curated/produced with Ivan E. Coyote) November 15-20, 2001.

Just a Little Bit Harder Than Nice. The Alibi Room. Vancouver BC (Co-curated/produced with Ivan E. Coyote) August 2001.

Malcolm Lowry Poetry Stage. Under the Volcano Festival, North Vancouver BC. 2000 & 2001.

Choice Words. Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Vancouver, BC. January 2001.

Continuum: Gender Bender Cabaret. Vancouver, BC. (Co-curated/produced with the L2K Collective). December 1999.

5.6 Select Feature Performances

In The Flesh: Homotexual Reading Series. New York City. Curator: Ella Sapristi. Sept. & Nov 2012.

Gabriola Poetry Festival. Gabriola Island, British Columbia. Curator: Hilary Peach. Feb. 2012.

The Brockton Writer’s Series. Toronto, ON. Curator, Farzana Doctor. June 2011.

Tonight It’s Poetry. Lydia’s. Saskatoon, SK. Curator: Charles Hamilton. March 2011.

Rainbow Explorations. Browsers. Saskatoon, SK. Curator: Eric Twa. January 2011.

Verdant: Queer Writers on the Verge. The Piston. Toronto, ON. Curator: Anna Camilleri. June 2010.

Words & Music. Montreal, QC. Sala Rossa. Curator: Ian Ferrier. October 2009.

Troubadour Reading Series. Millwoods, AB. Curator: Catherine Owen. June, 2009.

Poetry Crawl. Edmonton Poetry Festival. Audrey’s Books. Edmonton, AB. April, 2009.

Poison Ivy and Mistletoe. The Factory West Colloquium on Gender and Poetry. The Artery. Edmonton, AB. Curators: Lainna El Jabi and Tricia Eddy. December 2008.

Nextfest. The Artery. Edmonton, AB. Curator: Jill Connors. June 2008.

Exposure Festival of Queer Arts and Culture. “Over-Exposed.” Prism. Edmonton, AB. Curator: Lucas     Crawford. November 2007.

Cortex: Multidisciplinary Collaboration Project. Latitude 53° Gallery. Edmonton, AB. Curators: Sidney Lancaster and Phil Jagger. September 2007. www.thecortex.ca

Edmonton Poetry Festival: Hip Hop Night. Grant MacEwan College. Curators: Alice Major and Mother Peace MC. September, 2007.

Visualeyez Festival of Performance. Opening Night Performance. Latitude 53° Gallery. Edmonton AB.  Curator: Todd Janes. May 2003, May 2005, May 2007.

Cherry on Top. Edmonton, AB. Curator: Judith Anderson. March, 2007.

Form vs. Content. Ce n’est pas une pirouette Salon. Mile Zero Dance Company. Edmonton AB. Curator: Gerry Morita. January, 2007.

Alberta Beef Drag King Cabaret. Edmonton, AB. Curator: Laura Crawford. January 2007 & June 2007.

Loud and Queer Cabaret & Festival. Edmonton AB. Curators: Ron Jenkins (Workshop West Theatre); Darrin Hagen, Guys in Disguise Theatre. 2002-2004 & 2006.

Gabriola Poetry Festival. Gabriola Island, BC. Curator: Hilary Peach. October, 2005.

Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Vancouver, BC. Curator: RC Weslowski & The Vancouver Poetry House. October, 2005

Poetry and Sexuality Conference. Stirling, Scotland. Curator: Andrew Sneddon. July, 2004.

The Glastonbury Festival of Music & Contemporary Art. (Poetry & Words Tent). Glastonbury, England.nCurator: Heather Taylor. June 2004.

Slam Aux Lucioles. Paris, France. Curator: Paul Cash. June, 2004.

Festival of Original Theatre (F.O.O.T.). Toronto ON. March 6-9 2003.

Dirty Hands and Generic Brands. The Rebar, Seattle WA. Curator: Sabrina Roach. May, 2002.

Gaylord: The Queer Arts Festival. Video In, Vancouver BC. Curator: Jennifer Kovak. 2002 & 2003.

Sister Spit’s All-Girl Spoken Word Circus. (Guest Performer) Bellingham WA; Belvue WA: Seattle WA. Curator: Sini Anderson. 2001 & 2002.

Sista’hood: A Celebration of Women in Spoken Word and Hip Hop. Sonar, Vancouver, BC. Curator: Rachel Flood. March, 2001.

hush grrrls, hush. Curator: Amey Kazmyrchyk & hush grrrls, hush media collective. Vancouver East

Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC. May, 2000.

5.7 Publication of Creative Work

Recordings: Solo

The Twisted She Project. CD. Edmonton, 2009.

Recordings: Editor/Producer

Coastal Tongue: An Anthology of Women in Spoken Word in Vancouver. Eds. Laurie Bricker & T.L. Cowan

Vancouver: 2004.

Recordings: Contributor

“Ballad of She.” Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Anthology CD. Vancouver, 2005.

“Working Title.” Coastal Tongue: An Anthology of Women in Spoken Word in Vancouver. Eds. Laurie Bricker & T.L. Cowan. Vancouver: 2004.

“homebody/homegirl.” Dig Your Roots: Canadian Spoken Word. Montreal: National Campus & Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC), 2004. www.digyourroots.ca.

Poetry & Fiction in Print

Helen” & “Rachel.” Notebook Magazine. Autumn 2009.

“You Who Want Nothing.” UGLY. Ed. Joe Blades. Banff, AB: Broken Jaw Press, 2007. 13-14.

“She wants – ” X Magazine: daring new poetry and prose 6 (Oct. 2004): 24.

“cry out salt lick/eat it up.” the Society. (Spring 2004): 17.

homebody/homegirl.” PUSH: Queer Feminist Subversions. Issue 7 (Spring 2004): 10.

“Harbord St.” Bent on Writing: Contemporary Queer Tales. Ed. Elizabeth Ruth.Toronto: Women’s Press, 2005. 108-114.

“Snowflake and Velvet.” PUSH: Queer Feminist Subversions. 1.4 (Spring 2001): 19-20. (Re-printed in 2008 PUSH Magazine: A Retrospective)

Group Publications

T.L. Cowan, Cass King, Nomy Lamm, Inga Muscio. “The Mental Meanderings of Wizened Wordsmiths.” Medusa Magazine 1.3 (Summer 2001): 38 – 39.


The Twisted She Poems: A Performance Cycle. Edmonton, 2004.

For These Thy Gifts: a workbook. The Olive Reading Series. 4.2 (October 14, 2003).

Working Title and Other Poems to be Sung Out Loud. Vancouver, 2001.

Poems for the Man Who Made Me. Vancouver, 2000.

6. Artist Run Culture

6.1 Editorial Work

Co-editor and co-founder (with Dan Fishback). Helix Critical Squad. 2014 –

The Helix Critical Squad project aims to cultivate critical discourse by mentoring emerging writers and artists through the review process. As editors, we encourage reviewers to practice what Feminist Spectator Jill Dolan calls “critical generosity”: to approach performances with rigor and imagination, and to consider a spectrum of possible criteria, both aesthetic and political. As Dolan reminds us, “[f]rom this perspective, critical engagement becomes a strategy for dialogue, not just between the critic and the artist but also hopefully among a community of spectators and writers and arts makers who see themselves as part of a larger project of world making in which every production, every piece of art, matters. http://helixqpn.tumblr.com/criticism

Editor & Founding Member. LitLive: The Canadian Review of Literature in Performance. 2010-2012.

Editor. JackPine Press. Saskatoon, SK. 2009-2011.

Editor. Extra Virgin Press. Edmonton, AB. 2003-2009.

General Editor. fifty3: a magazine about visual culture. Edmonton, AB. 2004-2007.

6.2 Community Boards

Artistic Director. The Olive Reading Series. Edmonton, AB. 2003-2009.

Board of Directors. Latitude 53º: Gallery & Arts Programming of Contemporary Visual Culture. Edmonton AB. 2003-2005.

Community Board. Out on Screen: Vancouver Queer Film Festival. 1997-2000.

7.0 Select Media

Writers’ Block. Interview about my research & performance practice with Paul Kennett. CJSW, U of Calgary
Radio. Jan. 21, 2010.

Dykes on Mikes. Interview about my research on feminist and queer cabaret in Canada with Dayna McLeod.
CKUT, McGill Radio. Dec. 14, 2009. http://daynarama.com/Media/Podcasts/DoMs_20091214.mp3

“This Year’s Water-Themed Visualeyez Marks T.L. Cowan’s Last.” by Fawnda Mithrush. Vue Magazine. Sept. 9,
2009. http://vueweekly.com/arts/story/visualeyez_1/

“Vox Populi: T.L. Cowan Explores the Art of Spoken Word Performance.” by David Martin. University of
Alberta Research Profile Project, June 19, 2006.