As an interdisciplinary scholar and artist, I work across forms, genres and methods. This portfolio provides a context for my research-creation-teaching practice as I move across between disciplines, and samples of my scholarly publishing, critical arts writing, curatorial work, and performance, installation and video.

Scholarly Publications:

“Transfeminist kill/joys: Rage, Love, Reparative Performance.” Transgender Studies Quarterly. 1.4 (Fall 2014). (Proofs)

Disciplines: Trans- Feminist Critical Interdisciplinarity across Literary, Performance, Media and Cultural Studies; Cabaret Theory; Trans- Feminist Epistemology

Trading Credit for Debt: Queer History-Making and Debt Culture.” With Jasmine Rault. WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly. Special Issue on Debt. Eds. Meena Alexander and Rosalind Petchesky. 42.1-2 (Spring/Summer 2014).

Disciplines/Keywords: Feminist & Queer Visual Culture & Film; Archival Pedagogies; Critical Race Studies; Cultural Economies;  Decolonizing Aesthetics; Racialized & Queer Debt

The Labour of Being Studied in a Free Love Economy.” With Jasmine Rault. ephemera. Spring 2014.

Disciplines/Keywords: Trans- Feminist & Queer Political Economy; Speculative Digital Humanities & Web 2.0 labor; Trans- Feminist & Queer Performance Studies; Cultural Economies

Speculative Praxis Towards a Queer Feminist Anti-Archive.” With Jasmine Rault & Dayna McLeod. Ada: a Journal of Gender, New Media & Technology. Publication expected Spring 2014.

Disciplines/Keywords: Trans- Feminist & Queer Political Economy; Speculative Digital Humanities & Web 2.0 labor; Trans- Feminist & Queer Performance Studies; Collaborative Writing; Archival Pedagogies; Cultural Economies

“‘I remember . . . I was wearing leather pants’: Archiving the Repertoire of Feminist and Queer Cabaret in Canada.” Basements and Attics, Closets and Cyberspace: Explorations in Canadian Women’s Archives.” Eds. Linda Morra & Jessica Schagerl. Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2012. 65-86. Available here.

Disciplines/Keywords: Archival Pedagogy; Feminist Performance Studies; Cabaret Theory; Literature-in-Performance; Sexuality Studies; Trans- Studies; Feminist Queer Studies

“Introduction: Feminist Mediations” (with Jasmine Rault). Feminist Mediations. Eds. T.L. Cowan, Kate Eichhorn & Jasmine Rault. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. 25 (Spring 2011): 177-182. Available here.

Disciplines/Keywords: Feminist Cultural Studies, especially in Canada; Feminist Academic Scenes as Cultural Production and Epistemology; Gender Studies

“Dayna McLeod’s Post-Nationalist Beaver and the Cabaret Phenomenology of Putting Out.” Feminist Mediations. Eds. T.L. Cowan, Kate Eichhorn & Jasmine Rault. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. 25 (Spring 2011): 230-239. Available here.

Disciplines/Keywords: Feminist Performance Studies; Feminist & Queer Phenomenology; Text-based Performance; Cabaret Theory; Vancouver 2010 Olympics; Cabaret in Montreal; Feminist & Queer Performance Studies

“‘a one-shot deal’: Contemporary Cabaret as Improvised Curation.” Canadian Theatre Review. (CTR) 143 (Summer 2010): 47-54.  Available here.

Disciplines/Keywords: Cabaret Theory; Feminist Performance Studies

Critical Arts Writing

“The Long Moment of a Spectral Outlaw: M. Lamar’s Surveillance: Punishment and the Black Psyche and “Badass Nigga The Charlie Looker of Psalm Remix.” Catalog Essay for NEGROGOTHIC, a Manifesto: The Aesthetics of M. Lamar. Participant INC. New York City. September 7 – Oct. 12, 2014. Forthcoming. (pre-publication version available here):

Transfeminist Kill/joys on the Land.” Helix Critical Project. 16 August 2014.

Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger.” Helix Critical Project. Interview with Sam Feder. 17 June 2014.

Seeing & Being Seen at Meow Mix” Catalogue essay. Meow Mix Retrospective. Jan 10-Feb 2, 2013. RATS 9 Gallery. Montreal, Quebec.

“Follow-up notes on the GLITTERfesto: TL Cowan in conversation with Tammy Pamalovovich,  Aging Supermodel Lesbian Feminist Experimental Poet and Revolutionary.” Belladonna.“Transfeminism and Literature Vol. II.” 147 (2012): 5-12.

cabaret at grunt: up your community.Activating the Archives. Grunt Gallery, Vancouver. Spring 2012.

“Making it Better: Dayna McLeod’s Celluloid Fantasies, Feminist Queer Revisionary.” No More Potlucks. (Summer 2011).

“Harmonious Cacophony.” Review of’s Tightrope. Canadian Review of Literature in Performance. 3 (Fall 2011).

“The Queer Element, The Poison Cookie: Literature in Performance on the Cabaret Stage. Canadian Review of Literature in Performance. (2010).


I have been producing cabaret events for over 10 years. Most recently, in May 2014, I curated a twinned set of events at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research at Brock University. These events included a Long Table Discussion: Cabaret As Translocal Praxis and the cabaret, Dirty Plötz: The Reviled and Revered, in conjunction with the curator, director, actor and activist, Alexandra Tigchelaar.

You can read my news update here with my Call for Praxis.


I regularly curate research-creation events in the context of an academic setting. In 2013-14 I curated the “Queer Survival Economies and Anti-Carceral Feminism” series in association with Inter-Arts and Gender Studies at The New School. This series included a performance lecture by M. Lamar, The Making of ‘Surveillance Punishment and The Black Psyche as well as the workshop Getting What We Need with Streetwise and Safe and a presentation of Operation Snatch’s Les Demimondes.

Select Performance & Installation (you might also head to my Arts page for more)

From the Alter-Ego series …


Tammy Pamalovovich (@AgingSupermodel) works across protest and performance to re-orient activist practice and to draw her people in.




Read Tammy’s GLITTERfesto: An Open Call in Trinity Formation for a Revolutionary Movement of Activist Performance Based on the Premise that Social Justice is Fabulous

Watch Tammy’s GLITTERfesto movie.

Read Tammy’s interview with T.L. Cowan in Belladonna.

And from The Twisted She Project …

The Twisted She Project is a sixty-minute intermedia performance collage that plays with themes of perversion, popularity, and pathology. Performed as a full cycle or cabaret-style as individual pieces, these poems and stories are sweet, heartbreaking, cerebral and slutty. Although the written components of The Twisted She Project are predominantly based on autobiographical material, this performance does not indulge in self therapy or even present the story of a single life. Instead, by working through a range of literary and performance forms, and by integrating the creations of five collaborating artists—including nine original sound compositions and five stop-motion animation and still-image videos—this performance twists the idea of autobiography itself. Through the telling of ugly truths and beautiful lies, The Twisted She Project explores the many permutations of contemporary queer, class-transitioning femininity.

Review by Laurie Weidenhammer of The Twisted She Project premier.

Select Video

From the Forgiving Medjugorje series, four silent videos from “Dear Mom and Dad, a letter in 50 parts.” I am currently developing this project into 93 a minute video installation to accompany a letter-writing interactive performance and coaching session.

Dear Mom and Dad V Dear Mom and Dad XII Dear Mom and Dad XVIII Dear Mom and Dad L





From the Maria the Gay Squirrel Series.

Maria’s Hair Maria’s Hair II Maria’s Bathing Suit I Maria’s Bathing Suit II




These videos on the theme of transformation have been curated into shows in the US and the UK including Hair Cake (curated by Coral Short) and Cachín Cachán Cachunga! Queer & Trans Cabaret (curated by Zorras).