Sustainable Tools for Precarious Subjects

I’m looking forward to meeting the folks in this ASTR working group early on Sunday morning, Nov 8th. And even more looking forward to the book we’re making together and the larger, connected research-creation project I’m working on with collaborators-comrades Natalie Alvarez & Keren Zaiontz.

Sustainable Tools for Precarious Subjects: Performance Actions and Human Rights
Conveners: Natalie Alvarez (Brock University) and Keren Zaiontz (Queen’s University)

–Samer Al-Saber (Florida State University)
“Beyond States and Passport Privileges: Interconnected Performances of Activism in Palestine”

–T.L. Cowan (New School)
“Mass Cabaret Online and in the Streets: Translocal Activist Performance”

–Leah Decter (Queen’s University)
“Dispersed Sustainabilities: Considering the Legacies of Encounter”

–Peter Dickinson (Simon Fraser University)
“Curating the Revolution: Rabih Mroué and the Activist Pixel”

–Serap Erincin (Pennsylvania State University)
“Performing Transnational Human Rights in Turkey: Minorities, Biopolitics, and Politics of Mourning”

–Miriam Felton-Dansky (Bard College)
“The Right to Go Dark: Chris Kondek’s Anonymous P

–Catherine Graham (McMaster University)
“Traces of Frames and Signals to Allies We Do Not Yet Know”

–Kimberley Jannarone (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Oyoun Theater and the Gaza Monologues Project”

–Debra Levine (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
“Falling Through the Roof / Dropping Like Beyoncé”

–Duygu Erdogan Monson (University of Washington)
“Using Performance as a Tool of Resistance: Artist-Activists in Gezi Park Confronting Authoritarianism and the Islamist Leanings in Turkish Government”

–Christian Nagler (University of California, Berkeley)
“Debt Forgiveness, the Promise, and the Performativity of Financial Contracts: Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee”

–Julie Salverson (Queen’s University)
“Half-Lives, Invisible Activisms”

–Alexis M. Skinner (Louisiana State University)

–J.B. Spiegel (Concordia University)
“What Became of the Wolves (or Pandas, Mice, and Wolves, oh my!)?: Creative Activism and the Persistence of Anti-Austerity Mobilization, Still ‘in the Red’ in Quebec”

–Lily Wei (Independent Artist)
“The City as Battleground: The Multi-Faceted Performances of Mobilized Citizens in Neoliberal Taipei”