Transfeminist Kill/Joys on the Land

Here’s my blog essay about transfeminist killjoy politics and aesthetics: a dialectical affective politics (August 6, 2014).

Transfeminist Kill/Joys on The Land


by T.L. Cowan (@AgingSupermodel)

I was sent into a spiral of WTF by Michelle Goldberg’s ill-formed and ill-informed “What is a Woman? The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism,” posted online last week at The New Yorker. I’ve been following the responses to the story all week, and now I’d like to add to that discussion, with an examination of just two of the many recent transfeminist responses to trans-excluding radical feminists (TERFs) that somehow escaped Goldberg’s careful research process, which doubtless involves extensive use of Feminist In-Fighting Radar (#FIFR). Here I think about Red Durkin’s petition “Indigo Girls and Other MichFest 2013 Performers: Boycott MWMF until the organizers fully include trans women” and Imogen Binnie’s post “We See Through You #18,” on her Keep Your Bridges Burning blog, which do the complex affective and political work of what I’m calling the transfeminist kill/joy, riffing on Sara Ahmed’s feminist killjoy. [Go here for full post…]